Friday, May 11, 2012

Pre-requisite Requirements [Borang 6, 7, 8]

To speed up process of filing your Long Call Papers, you need to do the followings:-

File the "Sijil Penampalan" ASAP

Sijil Penampalan is a required document as you have to exhibit the sealed copy with your Borang 6.

What you need to do is to go to the Court, ask the staff that you want to file the Sijil Penampalan. She/He will give you a form and a stack of Affidavits from 'penampal notis Mahkamah' from all over Malaysia saying that they have tampal your Borang 2 di Papan Notis Mahkamah-Mahkamah Tinggi seluruh Malaysia. You have to fill in the dates of penampalan according to states in the form the give you.

Dah habis isi, file it.. Seperti biasa di KL, its filing.. Have waiting for ur number to be called. Payment for the said "Sijil Penampalan" is RM20 + Scanning Fee " RM10. So, total: RM30.00.

I got my sealed copy on the next day.. cepat kan? so, no fret tentang tempoh masa extraction of the said document. Seperti biasa, extraction adalah di website kehakiman e-filing. U should know the drill lah by now kan?

(below is the sample picture of the "Sijil Penampalan")

Obtain & Submit the Confidentiality Reports ASAP

Upon compeletion of your 14 days Legal Aid Service, get the Confidentiality Report from the State Committee and YOU MUST, WITHIN THE SAME DAY, pass the Confidentiality Report to the Bar Council.

They are going to need it so they can prepare another Confidentiality Report and pass it to the KL High Court.

(Approx time of extraction of the report from the State Committee (as in my case that would be the Selangor Bar : 7 days) - keep calling them to find out if its ready)

I dont have the sample of the Reports because its confidential.. I didnt even lay my eyes on the report :))

Make the necessary payments

Make payment of RM200.00 at the Diciplinary Board @ Wisma Maran, KL

I am so sorry, I dont know about states outside Selangor whether u have to come over to KL to make the payments or you can just settle it at the state Diciplinary Board. Kindly, call your State Committee for futher clarification.

(retain the receipt of payment - u are going to need it when filing your Long Call Papers)

Also, make payments of RM30.00 @ Bar Council.
This payment is for your Instrument (ur sijil saying ur now an Advocate & Solicitor) which will be given to you on ur Long Call day. The Bar Council will hand the Instrument to you so you can pass it to the Court.

(again, please retain the receipt because you are going to need it when filing your Long Call Papers.)

(below is the sample picture of the Intrument)

These are the things you need to complete before u start filing ur Long Call Papers. I supposed you can start this process as soon as you completed ur Legal Aid Services. ;))

I will update any time soon on how to file ur Long Call Papers, stay tuned. :)) 

As usual, email at for any enquires. 



paan said...

thanks for the info. been a great help!.

arisa said...

find your blog while searching for filing petition process
THANKSS for your info, it's help!
ada soalan..tempoh antara nk filing borang 1&2 n 3,4,5 tu brapa lama?