Friday, March 2, 2018

TERbeli Katil


This is a very petty entry but I want to make a memory out of it so I will write anyway.

I have been renting in a same basically fully furnished house - for almost 10 years now. 10 years is a very long time having consider to see the same furniture, wall paint and layout of the same house. And some of the items in the house, literally have broken down, like one single bed in the single room and the queen bed in the middle room. The only bedroom set that is standing still are the ones in the master bedroom. I have been trying to hunt for a house (I think it is time for me to buy a house now) but I can't seem to give up the one we are renting in Bandar Sunway. It is like the center of everything. And it is like reaaaaaaaaally close to my office. But the property price in Bandar Sunway is like "Astaghfirullahala'zimmmmmmmmm". So, I put on hold dulu lah getting a property ni. 

Getting back to my bedroom story. We have been suffering back pains sleeping on the mattress provided by our landlord. It is a spring mattress and it is really old, I guess that at some part of the mattress, the springs poke out. So, I started to think of getting a new mattress. But then again, the bedframe pun macam nak roboh je but it is still standing, though. So I didn't think too much of getting one. This plan had been going on and off my head for nearly a year now. I put it on hold sebab I wanted to travel. I mean I want to go back to USS - my happy place. So I have been saving for basically everyone that I wanted to go with me - since everybody feels Singapore is a really expensive place. 

Couple of months a go, a new furniture joint opened near my house - supposedly they sell super cheap bedroom set particularly mattresses. My husband and I went to visit last night. Konon nak surveys sahaja sebab although it is very near to my house, we never seem to have time to visit the shop. So semalam pun pergi la tengok2. All of the sudden, my husband got excited. This one and that one and this one and that one. I was like, "what the hell has got into you?". In less than 20 minutes. we agreed to buy a bed. A bed! A bed frame and a mattress. "What on earth just happened?". I was sitting on a sofa, watching my husband made the deal. I was surprised to see him ecstatic like that. We definitely did not plan this. We didn't clear up the guest room to re-place the existing bed. We didn't clean our room to make space for the new bed. So, how? why? So in just a minute, I just lost RM1.5k for the bed that I didn't plan to buy. 

I insisted for the bed to be delivered that night because, you betcha I want to sleep in my new bed. So, we make space for the new bed and remove the old bed into the room which we want to make a guest room. Everyone slept very late last night because of this unintentional purchase of the new bed. So here is the photo of the bed co-joining with my toddler's because he is still breastfeeding.

I am also sad to notify that the theme in the master bedroom is white but the bed frame is black. I am just gonna weep now. Bye bye Singapore. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Developmental Milestone : 9 months


Lamanya tak update blog with Firdaus' progress. Last milestone recorded was when he was 6 months. Sekarang dah 9 bulan. Terlampau banyak perkembangan dia sekarang.

OK last check up, he dropped a little weight ; currenly 8.9 kg with I think dalam 73cm length kot. I don't think the nurse record this in his chart. Nevermind. 

Dia sangat aktif sekarang dan dah ada kehendak, which means kalau dia taknak, dia akan toleh dan tepis dan kalau dia hendak sesuatu, dia akan bergerak ke arah benda yang dia hendak tu lah.  Sekarang dia dah pandai merangkak. He started crawling dalam 7 1/2 month and got stronger dalam 8 bulan lebih sikit. Now dah 9 bulan, dia dah pandai berdiri dan meniti along the furniture. Harap-harap tak lama lagi berjalan la tu.

He is still breastfed dan sangat susah nak makan. He can live a day tanpa solid food and he hates solid food - tak kisah la apa jenis food pun. Since he is a picky eater, my mother suggested Cerelac. I never wanted to give my baby Cerelac / Nestum or whatever processed food like that tapi memandangkan kalau suap real food kat dia, dia tepis/tolak/menangis/terajang semua, I had to consider the option so I tried bagi Cerelac and he likes it. Aduh anakku ini. Why? But considering that dia memang takkan makan anything else, I had to relakan he eat Cerelac once a day and in between, I try sneaking some mashed rice or fish or sweet fruit into his mouth whenever I am eating. 

He is also now very vocal. He says "ababah" or "bababababa" sometimes "papapapa" and occasionally kalau dia menangis and I dont care, he will say "maaaaa". Not sure if he intends to call us or just saje suka suka blab bunyi bunyian. 

My father says he is such a jovial kid. Memang pun, he smiles at almost anyone and whatever tricks. 

Two days ago, I started him on a routine. Kerananya, dia selalu tidur jam 2 pagi. Balik dari taska, selepas penat lelah bermain, dia akan tidur jam 7 sampai jam 9 selalunya dan terjaga dan tidur semula at 2 am. Oih, I cannot do lah liddat. Penat kot. So, 2 hari sudah, after returning from Taska, I fed him solids (Cerelac), mandikan dan carry him around the house agar dia tak tidur. And then we play together and let him watch babytv for 30 minutes sampai la dia mengamuk. On the first night, he slept at 10pm straight sampai pagi with 3 to 4 hours interval wake ups in between for comfort nursing. Semalam, he dozed off at 8pm, sama juga terjaga di tengah tengah malam 2 3 kali untuk confort nursing. Overall, it has been going on well. I got more sleep to walaupun, sebenarnya pagi pagi memang senantiasa mengantuk. I hope he can stick to this routine.  

 Masa ni dia dedor dedor nak demam, kita tak perasan dia tak sihat. Keje menangis tak renti renti. Memang agak naik darah jugak la.. tergertak sikit kat dia - ape ni keje nangis tak renti renti, penat la macam ni - terus dia merajuk tersedu sedan kat hujung katil. 

Tak lama kemudian, dia datang balik kat dia, baring cam ni... Ye la, nak merajuk dengan siapa lagi kan. Dengan Mama dia je la walaupun kena marah. T_T. Kesian baby! I put him to sleep, and then in his sleep baru terasa badan dia panas. Demam rupanya. Patutla merengek tak renti renti. Sorry, sayang! 

I kiss him like hundreds of times every day. Last night, since Firdaus is under sleep-training, my husband couldn't play with him lepas balik keje. He watched him sleep and then menangis, tacing sebab tak dapat main dengan anak. Ahehehe. Tak pe lah, for his own good jugak tidur awal kan. 

We love you, Firdaus. You are our everything!