Friday, May 19, 2017

Developmental Milestones : 6 months


Come this 21st May, Firdaus is going to be 6 months. This is the time I have been waiting for. Mainly because I am looking forward for something new to do in terms of child bearing and upbringing; feeding!!

Firdaus has shown interest in grown up food since he reach 5 months but I dare not experimented him with grown up food just yet. Nonetheless, I could not stand seeing him staring and drooling over our hands when we eat so I let him have a taste of various fruits for starters. The first fruit he tasted was watermelon. Boy this boy lovessss cold watermelon. We just cut a chunk of it and let him suck out its juice. He liked it so much that he held my hand locked to his mouth so I won't pull away. Not until last few days, I let him suck on mango pit. This is wondrous experience for him I guess, because he likes it so much. Me as a mother, I am more than happy seeing him tethering on the pit and completely enjoying it. He also has a taste of durian. Nope, didn't like it. I gave him apple once. He seems to like it but it is hard to suck on the juice out. I tried. Unless, you really suck it hard, the juice is hard to get. And then, oranges. One of his faves, too. I read that oranges are not supposed to be introduced to babies below 8 months, I think. But, too late. I suppose there is no harm is giving him a taste of a slice of orange. It is hardly one teaspoon of juice. He had not show any adverse reaction to it, so I think we are good here. 


He has also tasted banana, mashed and whole. He likes his banana whole better and I can say he hates it when it is mashed. Dia macam geli geli gitu. I also started to give him organic teether cracker which is basically flavoured rice cracker but fret not, it is for babies. It is mildly flavoured - almost tasted "tawar" - bak kata husband. He can't hold it yet without later on throwing it all over the place but he seems to like to nibble the cracker. 

The worst thing I gave him to taste was chocolate ice-cream. I mean, I cannot look at him drooling. And he actually watched our hand going back and forth to our mouth. So, yea I let him tasted it. I mean who does not like ice-cream? My child is not one of the exception. Sikit sikit boleh la. 

On rolling over, yes! He has mastered rolling over back and forth but he doesn't like it being on his tummy. Often when put on tummy, he would just cry. 

 before the water works

He now can sit with support. But he cannot keep quiet. His arms and legs are often on the movement (read : fidgeting). Changing diapers is like a battlefield with this one. So, we switched to pants diaper - still a challenge, though especially when he poops. Oih... he likes to grab things.. including his own poop under his butt in the diaper while changing. While sitting is fairly new to him, he likes standing better. His abdomen muscle is very strong now because I have been "training" him to sit up while me holding up his hand. He can actually immediately stand from laying flat. Kegiatan lompat-melompat masih diteruskan seperti biasa sehinggakan semua orang dukung jadi penat. 

 stand tall, sayang

He is currently 8.5kg (last checked during 5th month vaccination) and 66cm long, fully breast-fed. I am a proud Mama!! I mean every inch of his flesh is from me. Mana boleh tak proud kan? No no I am ok with formula-fed babies. I am not one of those breastfeeding mother yang kerek, yang mengharamkan formula kepada babies. It is one's personal choice. 

Pergi ke kitchen sebentar to take a gulp. 
Return to the hall, seeing him almost fell off from the rocker.
Hari hari nak kena cium dia sebab he smells so good.. and those chubby cheeks, no one can resist!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Developmental Milestone : 4 months

Firdaus now is approximately 4 months plus and he has grown very big. I won't say he is fat and chubby but he is definitely one chunky baby. 

Seorang 5 bulan, Seorang lagi 4 bulan.

Few days staying at home with me masa dia kena measles, dia grew fatter sampai I got worried. Fat babies are cute at certain size tapi kalau gemuk macam Baymax tu, rasanya dah tak cute kot. Tengok dia bergerak pun rasa macam payah sangat. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi lengah yang nak mendukungnya. Haha. Husband kata, "ni mesti sebab duduk dengan Mama lama sangat. Asal bunyi - sumbat, asal bunyi - sumbat ~ sampai gedebab baby".

Lepas hantar dia balik ke Taksa, alhamdullillah dia susut sikit. Nampak comel la muka dia with less double chin.

Now, he seems like a grown up baby. He sucked his thumb a lot and it appears that it is the most pleasurable thing for him at the moment. He does not like pacifier. I tried gantikan ibu jari dia dengan pacifier, dia luak buang pacifier. Siap mengamuk marah marah nak hisap jari. 


I wouldn't say dia dah pandai meniarap. This is something we had seen since dia dalam 3 months plus tapi kami tak pernah tengok dia meniarap betul betul lagi. Ada berlaku sekali dua dia roll over tapi selalu sebab faktor bantal terlebih tinggi at one side which make it easier for him to roll over to the other side. Once he is on his tummy, dia akan merengek mintak dipusingkan semula. So, I guess he is not ready nak betul betul meniarap. But that's ok. Mummy can wait.

Oh now, he is very vocal. Very very vocal. He screams a lot (bukan menangis) especially when he is excited or overjoyed. Kalau excited + geram, dia akan tarik rambut, tudung or whatever he can grip on (an never let go). Kalau dengan papa, rambut papa akan jadi mangsa dan kalau dengan Mama, tudung Mama la.. sampai senget senget la tudung jadinya. Tak pun, tengah tengah dukung tu basah je tudung sebab dia hisap kain. Tsk tsk tsk.

Sekarang dia dah pandai hold to things yang dia nak pegang jugak. Mostly, his EBM bottle dan mainan. I bought him an activity centre from SkipHop. Awal-awal beli dia macam clueless nak buat apa dengan benda alah ni. Few days ago, I can see that dia began playing with the attached toys. Ralit la kejap. Benda ni bukan la sejenis walker. So, I figured beli je untuk develop sensory dia. Plus point adalah benda ni grows with the baby. As Firdaus grows older, this center boleh convert jadi small desk. So okaylah, pejam mata je lah and beli. (Kalau dia derhaka kelak, I tunjuk je resit ~ tengok ni! Mama tak beli baju 3 bulan sebab  nak beli toys kat Firdaus kekeke)

Last weekend, kami balik dari Kuala Terengganu and Firdaus belajar satu benda baru lagi ~ melompat sambil didukung. Ya Allah imagine weightlifting kampit beras berkali kali. Bengkak tulang belakang weii.. But, on the other hand, I am very proud sebab dia reached banyak developmental milestones in between bulan ke 3 dan ke 4 ni and I look forward to see more. 

Everytime I look at him, I always had a thought that I must have done something so right to deserve him in my life. I mean, look at him. OK stop, dont look at him too much. 

Mama and Papa sayang Firdaus sangat. I cannot wait for you to grow up and be my best friend.