Monday, July 10, 2017

Firdaus First Solids (Recipe Included)

I could not wait for Firdaus to turn 6 month because I had been looking forward to feed him with solids. I did not know that the early stages of introducing proper first solids would be very difficult. I have been reading that we must start with fruit puree and to obey the 4-day rule, just in case.
However, the nurses at the clinic (KKIA) advised to start immediately with porridge, blended with carrot or potato, the usual combination in the Malay society. The reason is that, turning 6 months, most babies are likely to start crawling. Thus, they need the nutrition to build their muscles and strength.  At the least this is what the daycare started him with, following the guideline from Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia.

At home, I introduced Firdaus with plain brown rice porridge. No extra flavoring added. He hated it. I hated it as well. It was bland and ughh.. He barely took half a teaspoon during each meal. It was so frustrating. Obeying the 4-day rule was a torture for me because I wanted to enjoy the moment of feeding him, but to wait for 4 days to see any adverse reaction is just plain torture.

So, I bought those natural home made flavoring powder they sell online. Bought a set of meat, chicken and fish powder. No MSG or salt or sugar or artificial flavoring. I added it with his cereal. He preferred the fish and meat powder. Not so much of the chicken powder. Nonetheless. he took very little solids. And at 6 months, I did not dare to experiment him with mixture food. I did not obey the 4 days rule, though. I have tried these combinations:-
  • peach & apple
  • roasted pumpkin & japanese sweet potato with some garlic (boy, he loves his food roasted)
  • purple carrot & orange carrot and a bit of japanese sweet potato 
  • baby spinach + orange carrot

I add these puree into his brown rice porridge and I still use the flavoring powder to give it a good taste. He likes them, but still did not eat more than a teaspoon.

I felt like he is not getting the supplementary nutrients his body requires with this eating habit. So, a week after entering 7 months. I experimented with new recipes and cooking method, saute.

I prepare his food mostly in Autumz Baby Food Processor. I prepped his pureed vege and keep it chilled and I use may be around a  teaspoon to add into his brown rice porridge. These recipe makes around 2 oz of vege puree and can feed my baby 4 - 5 times (roughly 2 days for 2 meals a day schedule)

First Recipe 
Kale + White Button Mushroom Puree + Holland Onion

Finely chop (1) white button mushroom + a quarter of Holland Onion + (1) medium sized kale leave;
Saute in unsalted butter and a bit of Olive oil. Cook thoroughly. Combine all in baby food processor. Add a little water and blend until it is pureed. Chilled it.

He....loveeees.. it!!! I cannot tell how happy I am seeing him wanting to eat and cry when his bowl in clean.

Second Recipe
White Button Mushroom + Garlic + Steamed carrot

Roughly chop and steam 2 inches of carrot in water. Don't use too much water. You can use the water to smoothen the blending process later. Finely chop (1) white button mushroom and (1 or 2 clove of) garlic. Saute in unsalted butter and olive oil. Combine all items in baby food processor and blend away.

He lovessss this recipe, too. I won't lie. I tasted them both and I am very proud of the taste.

Adding these two recipe in his meals, he ate like the size of his fist now. That's a lot. And I wasn't forcing the food down his throat. He actually opened his mouth to be fed.

Last weekend, I made something better. Instead of using water to mix his porridge, I use Chicken Bone Broth. Loved it!!

So here is my version of CBB. You can find many versions of this dish over the internet. I use normal stainless steel pot, and prep it over the stove. So I had to let it simmer  on really slow heat for nearly 5 hours. I was yet to not know that if I let the carcass soaked in the water and acid (my choice was lemon juice) for half and hour, I can cut the cooking time.

My version of Chicken Bone Broth
+ makes approximately 24oz
  • (1)  whole chicken carcass
  • (2)  tablespoon of organic cold pressed lemon juice 
  • (1/2) of a fennel 
  • (1) whole carrot
  • (4) cherry tomatoes
  • (8) cloves of garlic
  • (1/2) of Holland onion
  • (1/2) teaspoon of mixed herbs 
  • rempah sup bunjut
Roughly chop all veges. Put in at the bottom of the pot. Rest the chicken carcass on the vege. Add water until it cover the carcass or 3/4 of the pot. Sprinkle mixed herbs. Let it boil on high heat and then simmer on very low heat for a minimum of 4 hours. Don't forget to close the lid. When the bones break apart. you are done.

Strain and throw away the ingredients. They contain very little or no nutrients as it is dissolve in the stock. So there is no point in recycling the vege.

Pour it in ice cube trays and freeze it. Take two cubes to prep a roughly 2 oz of porridge. 

I tell you, Firdaus is crazy about it. Last weekend he took three meals a day. I added CCB + Vege Puree + Brown Rice powder. I used half of it to enjoy white rice. Delishhh!!! Ummm! No salt require for adult but do add if you must.

I wish I can share photos, though but I took none and I simply adding an entry here so I won't forget.

These recipes may not be suitable for your babies. I have been lucky that so far my baby had not show any adverse reaction to the food. I believe there is no strict rule in feeding your baby. If you wish to try my recipes, please do it with caution. 

I have two more recipes I am waiting to try. I will share if it worked well for Firdaus. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Developmental Milestones : 6 months


Come this 21st May, Firdaus is going to be 6 months. This is the time I have been waiting for. Mainly because I am looking forward for something new to do in terms of child bearing and upbringing; feeding!!

Firdaus has shown interest in grown up food since he reach 5 months but I dare not experimented him with grown up food just yet. Nonetheless, I could not stand seeing him staring and drooling over our hands when we eat so I let him have a taste of various fruits for starters. The first fruit he tasted was watermelon. Boy this boy lovessss cold watermelon. We just cut a chunk of it and let him suck out its juice. He liked it so much that he held my hand locked to his mouth so I won't pull away. Not until last few days, I let him suck on mango pit. This is wondrous experience for him I guess, because he likes it so much. Me as a mother, I am more than happy seeing him tethering on the pit and completely enjoying it. He also has a taste of durian. Nope, didn't like it. I gave him apple once. He seems to like it but it is hard to suck on the juice out. I tried. Unless, you really suck it hard, the juice is hard to get. And then, oranges. One of his faves, too. I read that oranges are not supposed to be introduced to babies below 8 months, I think. But, too late. I suppose there is no harm is giving him a taste of a slice of orange. It is hardly one teaspoon of juice. He had not show any adverse reaction to it, so I think we are good here. 


He has also tasted banana, mashed and whole. He likes his banana whole better and I can say he hates it when it is mashed. Dia macam geli geli gitu. I also started to give him organic teether cracker which is basically flavoured rice cracker but fret not, it is for babies. It is mildly flavoured - almost tasted "tawar" - bak kata husband. He can't hold it yet without later on throwing it all over the place but he seems to like to nibble the cracker. 

The worst thing I gave him to taste was chocolate ice-cream. I mean, I cannot look at him drooling. And he actually watched our hand going back and forth to our mouth. So, yea I let him tasted it. I mean who does not like ice-cream? My child is not one of the exception. Sikit sikit boleh la. 

On rolling over, yes! He has mastered rolling over back and forth but he doesn't like it being on his tummy. Often when put on tummy, he would just cry. 

 before the water works

He now can sit with support. But he cannot keep quiet. His arms and legs are often on the movement (read : fidgeting). Changing diapers is like a battlefield with this one. So, we switched to pants diaper - still a challenge, though especially when he poops. Oih... he likes to grab things.. including his own poop under his butt in the diaper while changing. While sitting is fairly new to him, he likes standing better. His abdomen muscle is very strong now because I have been "training" him to sit up while me holding up his hand. He can actually immediately stand from laying flat. Kegiatan lompat-melompat masih diteruskan seperti biasa sehinggakan semua orang dukung jadi penat. 

 stand tall, sayang

He is currently 8.5kg (last checked during 5th month vaccination) and 66cm long, fully breast-fed. I am a proud Mama!! I mean every inch of his flesh is from me. Mana boleh tak proud kan? No no I am ok with formula-fed babies. I am not one of those breastfeeding mother yang kerek, yang mengharamkan formula kepada babies. It is one's personal choice. 

Pergi ke kitchen sebentar to take a gulp. 
Return to the hall, seeing him almost fell off from the rocker.
Hari hari nak kena cium dia sebab he smells so good.. and those chubby cheeks, no one can resist!